Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The top 16 best-selling cellphones in the world

We always see iPhone or Samsung cellphone around. It's no doubt they are the best-selling iOS and Android phones at present. But 6 years ago Nokia and Motorola were the real dominator in the cellphone market. They sold the vast majority of cellphones in the world. This article will introduce you the top 16 best-selling cellphones in the world. You can find that most of them are Nokia and Motorola.

Cellphones over 50million sales volume:

16. Nokia 6230, launched in 2004, sales volume: 50 million
15. Nokia 3100, launched in 2003, sales volume: over 50 million
14. Motorola StarTAC, launched in 1996, sales volume: 60 million
13. Motorola C200, launched in 2003, sales volume: 60 million
12. iPone 4S, launched in 2011, sales volume: over 60 million
11. Nokia 5130, launched in 2007, sales volume: 65 million
10. Nokia 6010, launched in 2004, sales volume: 75 million

Cellphones over 100 million sales volume:

9Nokia 1208, launched in 2007, sales volume: 100 million
8. Nokia 1600, launched in 2006, sales volume: 130 million
7. Motorola RAZR V3, launched in 2004, sales volume: over 130 million
6. Nokia 2600, launched in 2004, sales volume: 135 million
5. Nokia 3310, launched in 2000, sales volume: 136 million
4. Nokia 5230, launched in 2010, sales volume: 150 million
3. Nokia 1200, launched in 2007, sales volume: 150 million
2. Nokia 3210, launched in 1999, sales volume: 160 million

Cellphones over 200 million sales volume:

1. Nokia 1110, launched in 2005, sales volume: 250 million. This is the only cellphone has a sale volume over 200 million.

Let’s the cellphones come from No.1 to No.10. Nokia is so amazing!

No.9: Nokia 6010. At that time, a cellphone with color screen is absolutely high-end!
No.9: Nokia 1208. You may still see this phone today. 100 million sales volume can explain everything.
No.8: Nokia 1600. You may have forgotten how it looked like, but you may still remember the interesting football game in that phone.
No.7: Motorola RAZR V3. This is the most impressing Motorola cellphone. It ushered the time of ultra-thin mobile phone.
No.6: Nokia 2600, the excellent keyboard design brought it a sales volume over 135 million
No.5: Nokia 3310. We could say nothing but “classic” for this cellphone.
No.4: Nokia 5230, the most popular Nokia phone. We can still find many 5230 in the street. More than 150 million Nokia 5230 has sold out since it firstly launched in 2010.
No.3: Nokia 1200, the former of Nokia 1208. You may not forget its soft plastic keyboard.
No.2: Nokia 3210. It may be too old for people at present. It launched in 199 and sold 160 million totally.
No.1: Nokia 1110, the most classic Nokia phone. I bet you must remember the hand-shaking loading animation and the interesting Gluttonous Snake!