Friday, August 10, 2012

How does eBook DRM affect Apple and Amazon?

1, What is e-book DRM?
DRM, short for "Digital Rights Management" is anti-the piracy technology.DRM technology is widely used in the software, videos, music, e-books, electronic publications .etc. the purpose is to prevent the occurrence of piracy and infringement, to protect Copyright legitimate rights and interests.
The eBook DRM is one of these protections, has now been adopted by most of the e-book publishers, and to some extent has brought benefits to the host companies and publishers.
2,what’s the types of eBook DRM?eBook DRM protection is divided into a variety kinds, includes the most popular ePub DRM ,PDF DRM, Kindle (AZW) DRM, Nook DRM, Adobe (ePub and PDF) DRM ,IBOOKS DRM , MOBI DRM, and eReader DRM .etc .
3, How does eBook DRM affect users?DRM-protected e-books through a unique encryption methods to prevent users to copy and paste or edit the contents of the ebooks, simply, a user who has purchased DRM-protected e-books and download it to his reader won’t  able to copy his contents to other readers at the same time.
DRM protection ,there is another factor that need to be emphasized is the e-book reader, different e-book readers will support different DRM-protected e-books, for example, NOOK reader and IPAD both can support the ePub e-books, but NOOK reader can read ebooks with ePub DRM and NOOK DRM, IPAD can only read non-DRM-protected ePub and ePub eBook with IBOOKS protection.
4, What’s Apple DRM and Amazon DRM ?Apple's e-book protection is iBooks DRM, there is still no method to crack iBooks DRM.
Amazon has two e-book protections. AZW is the most common DRM protection. We can use some third-party software to strip azw drm with easy.
Another is MOBI DRM. Most MOBI e-books are free from drm, only the individual has protection. Usually when you strip azw from kindle books , you can get Mobi format ebooks.
5,Why canceling the EBOOK DRM will not have much impact on Apple and Amazon?
Canceling ebook DRM is suffering a debate between supporters and opponents, if the DRM was canceled, that the majority of e-book reader enthusiasts will benefit from this action, but whether the interests of ebook writers and publishers will be damaged remains to be investigated. What is certain is that after the abolition of the EBOOK DRM, Apple and Amazon will not be greatly affected for the following reasons:

1, Apple and Amazon are two giants of the ebook industry, they not only have their own e-book library, but also have their own e-book reader, which means they have their own independent e-book sales environment, the reform of the outside world does not have much impact on them, because they have sufficient capital to operate their own e-books Kingdom.

2, Amazon has always been to ignore the voice of the outside world, for example, most people agree that ePub as an e-book standard, but Amazon chosen to adhere to its own AZW format as the main format of their own e-book, and also to create a unique AZW DRM protection, it’s clear to be sure that Amazon will not yield to other e-books drm reform.

3, Apple iPad can read ePub e-books without any protection, but when we purchased ebooks from iTunes they have IBOOKS protection, which is unable to be cracked currently. Apple has always been known for a unique and will not join in the ebooks DRM canceling team.
These above is only the individual thoughts on e-book DRM canceling, please enjoy and discuss.