Thursday, August 9, 2012

Those who succeed as self-published authors

It is believed that there is a magic inner world inside every one's body. However, some do not care it too much and prefer to do something useful. On the contrary, some highlight their thoughts, ideas, feelings or even their imaginary plots to a large extent and consequently, they would take actions to make their intelligence in front of the world and they write.

Being an author is difficult. People living on writing might have been tortured for quite a long time as they could not predict whether their books would be approved and published even though they have worked body and soul. Mark Twain, who was regarded as a one of the greatest American authors in the history of world literature, had to publish his Adventures of Huckleberry Finn all by himself when he was young.

Things have changed today! Talented writers eventually get the opportunity to make a difference by themselves as more and more platforms are delivered for people's self-publishing. Now let’s have a look at who have come off as self-published authors.

Amanda Hocking
self-published authors - Amanda+Hocking
Amanda Hocking is a famous self-published American author living in Austin, Minn. Since April 2010, she has self-published  her e-books such as vampire series, Trylle Trilogy and gained a remarkable feat. As her books hit on the bestseller list, she earned millions and got rid of the past tough days when she failed to attract the traditional publishers over and over again. In February 2011, moreover, the Trylle Trilogy was selected to make a film. However, she signed a contract with St. Martin's Press the next month for embracing a larger amount of audience. She said that she wrote not only for people who own eReaders but also for the others who read print books.
Books by Amanda Hocking

Barbara Freethy
self-published authors - Barbara+Freethy
Barbara Freethy, New York Times and USA TODAY’s bestselling author specializing in romance and women's fiction, is keen on reading and writing, just like her mother.
After graduating from university, she worked in the field of P.R. first. Her interest in writing was stoked when she got pregnant. Fortunately, her road to publishing was not as tortuous as Hocking and she made a contact with Silhouette Romance soon. However, she made a decision to self-publish her books when she found her books went out of print in a short time and at the same time, a lot of publishers such as Amazon, Barnes and Noble opened their doors to self-publish. In 2011, the tally of her self-published titles from all retailers reached a total 1.4 million.

At present, Barbara Freethy self-publishes books on the main self-publish supported platforms: Apple, Amazon, B&N, Google, Sony, Kobo, etc. SUMMER SECRETS, THE SWEETEST THING and SILENT RUN are some of her bestsellers.
Books by Barbara Freethy

Michael Prescott's
self-published authors - Michael  Prescott's
Since Michael Prescott's graduated from college in 1980, he has worked on writing novels for around 30 years, with more than 20 books completed. It occurred to Michael Prescott's that he should publish his Riptide as an eBook himself, nevertheless, when 25 publishers gave their consent to this book. He was far more confident and what’s more, he would be proven with considerable revenue if he succeeded. Eventually Prescott realized his dream. His books, which are sold at $ 0.99 mostly, have been in the top 150 Best-Selling Books on USA TODAY, a national American daily newspaper published by the Gannett Company. Furthermore, five of his distinguished titles have remained for a total of 42 weeks on USA TODAY's best-seller list.
Books by Michael Prescott's

J. A. Konrath
self-published authors - J. A. Konrath
J. A. Konrath (Joseph Andrew Konrath), born in 1970, is an American author specializing in mystery and horror. The first published book, Whiskey Sour, was actually his tenth book. By now, he has won the Derringer Award for Flash Fiction (2004) and Bob Kellog Humanitarian Award (2006). In 2011, he received $ 68,000 from his self-published books, which was 4 times more than the income in 2009.
Now he lives in Illinois, Chicago and teaches writing at Dupage College there. He is also running a blog, A Newbie’s Guide to Publish, to help young people about how to publish.
Books by J. A. Konrath

Michael McCloskey
self-published authors - Michael  McCloskey
Michael McCloskey, a software engineer in Silicon Valley, is a famous self-published author specializing in science fiction and fantasy as well. With his singular imagination and conception, his titles hit great success on different publishing platforms and he finally lived his dream of a fiction writer.
In Jan, 2012, one of his titles, The Trilisk Ruins, cracked No.1 bestseller in High Tech Science Fiction on Amazon (US).
Books by Michael McCloskey

Apart from the above noted self-published authors, let's move to some other authors who have shown excellent performance on the well-known eBook stores recently. It is likely that you have already been acquainted with some of them.

Colleen Hoover
self-published authors - Colleen  Hoover
Colleen Hoover, born in 1979, is a young female author specializing in romance and humor.
Her self-published books Slammed, Point of Retreat have cracked bestsellers on the primary eBook stores including Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Smashwords.

Sydney Landon
self-published authors - Sydney Landon
Sydney Landon, a female American author with a happy marriage, is living in South Carolina at present. After 25 years’ accounting career, she seems to start her writing journey. Her first book, Weekends Required, and the next Not Planning on you have been ranking as bestsellers on Amazon and Barnes & Noble Self-Published eBook Bestsellers. At the moment, she is engaging in the third book, Falling in Love With Me.

Antoinette Stockenberg
self-published authors - Antoinette Stockenberg
Antoinette Stockenberg, grew up in Chicago, is a female American author. She lived a happy childhood and had a lot of dreams at that time. One of her dreams was to become a writer. She has published dozens of books such as Embers, Emily’s Ghost, Beyond Midnight, The Challenge and the Glory, etc. Among her many terrific books, Emily’s Ghost brought a RITA award to her. You will find her bestsellers on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Smarshwords and USA TODAY.

Kelly Favor
self-published authors - Kelly Favor
Since June, 2012, Kelly Favor has published the serial eBooks For His Pleasure (Jun 9, 2012), For his taking (Jun 28, 2012), For His Keeping (Jul 11, 2012), For His Honor (Jul 23, 2012) and For his Trust (Aug 3, 2012), three of which have been bestsellers on Barnes and Noble. For His Pleasure has even made Kelly Favor the bestselling author on USA TODAY.

Joseph Lallo
self-published authors - Joseph Lallo
Joseph Lallo, born in 1983, is an American author specialized in science fiction and fantasy. His main works include The Great Convergence, The Battle of Verril, The Book of Deacon, Jade etc.
In Aug, 2012, his two titles, The Great Convergence and The Battle of Verril on Smarshwors are listed on the bestsellers of Smarshwords, with which he has had cooperation for quite a long time. There are still many other successful self-published authors who are not mentioned here. If you are fond of writing, grasp every chance to take a shot. You won’t miss your way to success.

If you are preparing your own eBook, here are four free tools provided to help you build an EPUB book.

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Main books by Michael McCloskey
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