Saturday, August 4, 2012

Jeff Bezos: Kindle 3G is the best Kindle. And new e-ink Kindle is coming.

Photo is from Pocket-Lint

I used to have a Kindle Touch 3G, until I lost it in somewhere only God knows. Now I have a Kindle Fire and an iPad. But to be hondle Fire or iPad, I miss my Kindle 3G.
est, every time I read an eBook on Kin
After the release of Kindle Fire, there are many rumors that Kindle won't release e-ink Kindle any more, instead is Kindle Fire, Kindle Fire 2, etc..

I do believe those rumors are bullshits, and I am also afraid if Amazon is going to release lower-level e-ink device like Kindle 4. So I've been struggled for months about should I buy a Kindle Touch 3G again or wait for the new e-ink Kindle.

Now I can finally be relaxed, according to an interview between The Kindle Chronicles and Jeff Bezos, I am pretty sure that Amazon is not going to abandon the e-ink device, and there are some indications show that a new version of e-ink Kindle is on the way.

"I don’t think, for example, that audio snippets would make Hemingway better."

Bezos doesn't think that the multimedia will replace all-text story, he believes that the development of films and audio books have proved that the text is not replaceable. If a good book has been adapted into a movie, even if the movie is wonderful, people will still want to read the original book.

"People who buy that Kindle (Kindle Touch 3G) are the people who read the most."

Bezos revealed that the Kindle 3G is the most popular device in Kindle family, when the reporter asked him why, he said that 
"I suspect it’s probably some that they are the more serious readers, so they want the very best Kindle. But we also see that their reading increases even more than people who buy the other Kindles."
Then the reporter asked him if the Kindle app or the Kindle Fire will replace e-ink Kindle, Bezos denied it directly:
"No. I think that for serious readers, there will always be a place for a purpose-built reading device, because I think you’ll be able to build a device which is lighter, which matters a lot to people, has better readability if what you’re doing is reading is text. "
"Can you go hiking in tennis shoes? Yes, but if you’re a real hiker you might want hiking boots. And so both things, I think, will continue to coexist. "

 Indications about the new version e-ink Kindle

Besides the promise from Bezos about e-ink Kindle will not disappear, there are also other indications show that a new version of e-ink Kindle is on the way.

According to the post from A Kindle World Blog, Amazon is adjusting its storage, because the purchase page of Kindle Touch 3G says
 "the Kindle Touch 3g is 'Currently unavailable, we don't know when or if this item will be back in stock.' "
And Amazon is offering a 40% off for the Kindle 4, which costs only $47 at the moment. It looks that Amazon is stepping up the shipment of older products and preparing for the new coming one.

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