Wednesday, September 5, 2012

6 lifestyle books give out for free

Everyone in the world hopes to live a simple but happy life. However, we are inevitably haunted by a cloud of trifles when we are young and stay in healthy conditions. We are apt to get angry, lose confidence or even plunge into despair for various reasons. And one day we might surprisingly find ourselves not sunny or optimistic anymore. I had such an experience when I did a fairly awful job at a vocational school. I eventually made up my mind to have a change and I quit.

I love reading although I don’t read much due to a lack of time. Good books are like good teachers and confidants who never refuse to listen to our heart and give us guidelines. Here I collect 6 eBooks on lifestyle for free download and I indeed hope that you would get something useful.

1. Creating the Perfect Lifestyle by Oli Hille

I haven’t completed this book yet but just started with it. 3 cute children, a full-time wife and the author, Oli Hille, constitute a happy life. I actually had a deep feeling of happiness when I spent half an hour on it just now. There are 38 parts covered in this book ,including “Goals”, ”Your Career”, “To do lists” and so forth. You are sure to get new ideas in terms of your own lifestyle through Oli’s emotional words.

2. The EveryGirl's Guide to Life by Maria Menounos

Maria unveils her everygirl’s secrets from the angle of a young lady. How to arrange our life properly? How to ascend the ladder of success? How to keep from tasty food and lose weight efficiently? So many things remain to be tackled and you will gain not only lifestyle knacks but also relaxation and joy after finishing this book. As Heidi Klum puts, “She has some great tips that are easy to apply and help make your life better".

3. Bragg Healthy Lifestyle Vital Living to 120 by Partricia Braqq

It appears that a fair number of people have been shaped by Partricia Braqq’s Bragg Healthy Lifestyle guide. They have regained a better life by eating organic food or following other healthy tips and they showed great appreciation to Partricia, which was cited at the prelude of this book. Toxicless food accounts for a large portion of healthy lifestyle, along with the full use of sunshine, exercise, breath, etc. From this book, you are bound to get enlightenment on how to adjust your personal life.

4. 365 Tips for Healthy Living by Joseph Then

365 tips are conductive to your healthy lifestyle. This free book covers a full guide concerning drinks, fruits, disease, exercise, weight, hair and other practical aspects. Follow these steps and get into good living habits. Take your time and take a look at how your life perks up with the aid of these tips.

5. 5 Golden Keys to Slow Aging by Nancy Hearn, CNC, EFT-ADV

We instinctively resist aging thus this light manual will more or less deliver some help to you. Proper diet and adequate exercise contributes to physical health while good mentality determines the quality of your life. Act on the 5 tips given and let them fit into your daily life.

6. Secrets to A Younger You by medindia

Secrets to A Younger You also comes as an anti-aging guide. You might be young at present; nevertheless, you probably get inspired by it since aging is related to every person an no one has the exception to get rid of it. From this elaborated guide, you will learn the how and control of aging, how to anti-wrinkle, how to take advantage of natural resources to counter aging and so forth.
The 6 books put forwarded might share some similarities as all of them aim to help people build a healthy lifestyle. Just select one to your taste and make a change. Please don’t hesitate to comment below if you have good lifestyle eBooks to share with us.