Sunday, September 2, 2012

Prospects to the Amazon Press Conference

I love this September! Nokia, Microsoft, Motorola and Apple are all going to hold a conference to launch their new products. With one year's preparation, Amazon takes part in the battle is no exception.

Unlike the Press Conference last September 28 at California, this year all the Amazon's rivals have made huge progress: B&N has the Nook Simple Touch with Glow Light, and they are cooperating with Microsoft; Google's Nexus 7 is dominating the Android tablet market; and there will be (maybe) another killer from Apple, the iPad mini.

Amazon has lost their advantage in device and price, they need the new product line to enhance their position in eReader & Tablet market.

The E-ink Kindle comes first, Amazon has gathered enough experience in E-ink eReader for both hardware design and user experience, it is difficult to make another huge break through in E-ink eReaders. For this time, I think they are going to improve some practical features, like the add the glow light, improve Kindle Touch's infrared quality. And the new E-ink Kindle may be launched with a cheaper price or even "free", for instance, if you subscribe the "Amazon Prime" for two years, you can get the new E-ink Kindle for free.

Then the Kindle Fire, it dominated the Android tablet market since its birth until Google released Nexus 7. As the device integrates all the contents and services of Amazon, Jeff Bezos has no reason to let it left behind. There must be an important update for Kindle Fire, such as a thinner and lighter body, add a camera, improve the screen resolution, etc. And the rumors about the 10-inch Kindle Fire has existed for months, I believe this is not a fake news, Amazon owns the strength to cover all the product lines with its huge contents.

The hottest rumors at the moment is the Amazon Phone, according to Bloomberg's report, Amazon is cooperating with Foxconn on their own smartphone. To be honest, I am very much looking forward to the battle between iPhone and Amazon Phone. Amazon has got the AppStore, Kindle eBookStore, Audible, MP3, Prime Stream, etc. What a huge online content warehouse! Amazon controls the contents while Apple controls the user experience, this is a very interesting battle.

As the biggest online retailer in the world, Amazon must have gathered a huge number of client data, data is the most important thing in the information age. With the data, Amazon can promote their content through the  terminal devices (eReader, tablet and smartphone), also from these terminal devices, Amazon collects more data to help them perfect and improve their service.

All in all, for Jeff Bezos, a CEO always thinks long-term, he knows it clearly that he has the trump card, LOW PRICE.

The Verge has got the leak photo of Kindle Fire
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