Monday, September 10, 2012

Another candidate for eReaders & tablets

It seems that we have placed a cloud of emphasis on Amazon's new titles since 6th, Sept. Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire HD are on our lips thus we decrease the chances to talk about Nook, Kobo and Sony. Amazon has turned out to be the No.1 choice when it goes to eBook readers. But there actually exists something else that's worth our consideration when we look for eReaders & tablets. Don't you forget Kobo? Kobo has launched its all-brand products along with Amazon, which might become another candidate for your eReaders & tablets.

E Ink Readers: Kobo mini

5-inch Kobo mini comes as the smallest eReader in the world. Compared to Kindle, Kobo mini delivers a lighter body with a touch screen and you will not be bothered by any ads, which constructs an excellent reading environment for you. In addition, if you frequently go out, the Kobo mini will be all that could be wished for. Well, we cannot catch a glimpse of the legendary iPad Mini and there is no Mini of Kindle, either.

eReaders with glowlight: Kobo glo

After Barnes & Noble's Nook Simple Touch with Glowlight, we ushered in Amazon's Kindle Paperwhite and Kobo's Kobo glo, both of which take on the glowlight function just as B&N. Amazon's Kindle Paperwhite has been remarked as an immensely innovative gadget with 62% more pixels, 25% better contrast for text, plus some other advanced features.

However, there are some advantages on Kobo glo which Paperwhite is not endowed. Kobo is famous for its social communication and people have access to sharing their feelings and thoughts with their friends. From the angle of eBook formats, more eBooks especially free eBooks are provided in EPUB, which is exactly supported on Kobo. Although Kindle books can't be read on Kobo as well, Amazon makes an enemy of everybody of its own accord to some extent as Kindle titles don't deliver support EPUB, the most widely used eBook format,but bring up its proprietary Kindle formats. Furthermore, the design and appearance of Kobo glo is significantly prettier than Kindle Paperwhite, isn't it?

Tablets: Kobo Arc
Compared to Kindle Fire HD (7-inch) and Nexus 7, Kobo Arc markedly lacks the thrills. What I would point out is that Kindle Fire HD is based on customized android 4.0 regardless of its excellent configuration. That will make you feel troublesome when you intend to download free apps from your tablet. As we know, sometimes we cannot download specified android apps (.APK) on Kindle Fire. But this won't happen on Kobo Arc, which is based on true android 4.0 other than a customized version.

Just don't confine ourselves to Kindle titles. We'd better compare the merits and demerits of similar titles when contemplating buying an eReader or tablet. Figure out what is the most important to you from a selection of candidates and make the right choice.