Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Convert e-book online

People who love reading e-book may always meet the problem of converting e-book files. This is due to the fact that different e-book readers support different e-book formats. Generally we can use the professional e-book converter like Epubor eBook Converter or Calibre. This is a good method indeed. But someone just think it’s not easy enough. So today I’ll introduce you a simple way of converting e-books – converting online.

There are some website provide the converting features. They allow you to upload your file to convert and the converted files will be sent to your email or you can download directly. Here we take two websites for example. Just see the steps below. It’s very easy.


Step1 Add e-books and set output format

Click “Choose Files” to add e-books from your PC. You can select multiple files a time (Press “Ctrl” and “A” together). Make sure the e-books are non-DRM. The added e-books will display in the list.
ZAMZAR support some mainstream document formats. Here I choose epub. You don’t need to set any options.
convert e-book online-add book and set ouput format

Step2 Fill in email address and convert

ZAMZAR will send the converted files to email. So you need to fill the blank with your email address. Click “Convert” and your e-book will upload to the server. This will take some time. It depends on your file size and network. ZAMZAR will email you after uploading finished.
conver e-book online-fill in email and convert file

convert e-book online-upload finished

Step3 Download converted files

Check the email from ZAMZAR and click the download link. A new window will pop up in your browser. Click “Download Now” button and your download will start several seconds later.
convert e-book online-check email

convert e-book online-download window

convert e-book online-download finished

2. Online ebook converter

Step1 Set output format and upload file

 Click the left tab to set an output format then add e-books from your PC.
convert e-book online-set format and upload file

Step2 Set options and convert e-books

You can set some options for you e-books. If you don’t want to set anything, just click “Convert file” to start converting. Your e-books will be uploaded.
convert e-book online-set option and convert

convert e-book online-uploading process

Step3 Get converted e-books

Once uploading finishes, the converting begin. This won’t take so long. When conversion complete, a download window will pop up. If you close the window carelessly, don't worry, just click “direct download link” to download file again. Remember you can just click the download link ten times a day at most.
convert e-book online-download e-book