Thursday, June 6, 2013

Will you prefer the $149 ASUS Memo Pad HD to the $199 Google Nexus 7?

Google Nexus 7 is an excellent tablet coming with terrific tech specs at a reasonable price ($199). It is actually recommended by many geeks to guys who want to have a good tablet but can't afford a more expensive device, such as iPad or iPad mini. Despite of the Tegra quad-core processor, 1280*800 pixel screen and a series of useful sensors, Nexus 7 can be a bit cheaper. Or for people who are after budget tablets, it is still a bit expensive. Fortunately, the ASUS Memo Pad HD is coming, at a cheaper price of $149.

Speaking of cheaper tablets, you may immediately think of Kindle Fire (not HD) and a few other unpopular models. However, you will spend money on none of these items as long as you know something about them: Kindle Fire is based on a terribly customized Android OS and other models are too lousy to use. This is not the case when it comes to ASUS Memo Pad HD. Do you remember the manufacturer of Nexus 7? Yes, Nexus 7 is manufactured by ASUS, so does Memo Pad HD!

So we don't need to worry about the quality about this cheap gadget. Now let's talk about hardware. To cut costs, Google removes rear camera and SD card slot from the device. As an owner of Nexus 7, I feel very unpleasant when I have to turn to my small-size phone every time I want to take pictures and share on social communities. It is great that the ASUS Memo Pad HD adds a rear camera and SD card slot. So it is complete! What's more, it sells at $149 only. It is said that there will be a $129 version (8G) for people in developing countries.

As to OS, ASUS adds something new to the pure Android 4.2, such as App locker to help protect some important apps. Apparently, this will bring more convenience and better user experience to customers instead of simple iterations of other cheap Android devices.

Probably, Memo Pad HD will become a big threat to the current Google Nexus 7. Hopefully the second Nexus 7 is coming soon.

Here is a video review of ASUS Memo Pad HD.