Wednesday, June 12, 2013

How to transfer Google Chrome bookmarks to another computer

When we use Google Chrome browser in more than one case, say at the office and at office, or when we upgrade our computer, we normally hope to transfer the browser data from one computer to another. Since Google bounds user data with an email (Gmail) account, we can easily transfer them among different devices. Here I will tell you how to transfer Chrome bookmarks to another computer (Chrome) in two ways.

Method 1: Sign in to Google Chrome
Step1: Sign in on the first browser. Click the options button in the top right corner, then select "Sign in to Chrome...".
Step2: Input your Gmail account and passport. You can stay on the first computer for some time if this is the first time for you to sign in, so that the browser bookmarks and browsing history will be totally uploaded to the cloud.
Step3: Sign in (Repeat Step1 & 2) on the second computer. You will find all bookmarks displayed under the address bar.

Chrome on the first computer (Win7):

Chrome on the second computer (Mac):

If you don't want to keep signing to Chrome, click options button and select "Signed in as your email address", then "Disconnect your Google Account...".
You can also sign in to Chrome browser on your Android phone, iPhone, Nexus 7, iPad or other mobile devices to sync the browsing bookmark and the like.

Method 2: Export and import Chrome bookmarks
Step1: On the first computer, click options button in the top right corner of Chrome. Select "Bookmarks" -> "Bookmark manager".
Step2: Click "Organize" and select "Export bookmarks from HTML file...". Then your Chrome bookmark data will be stored in an HTML file.

Step3: Copy the HTML file to a removable drive (your smartphone or flash drive). Connect the removable drive to the second computer.

Step4: On the second computer, go to bookmark manager and select "Import bookmarks from HTML file...". Locate the HTML file from the removable drive and import.