Tuesday, May 7, 2013

5 Requisite Free Apps for BlackBerry Z10 and Q10

I don't know at the moment there are how many people think BB 10 OS and cellphones can pull BlackBerry back from the cliff. And I personally believe the amount is decreasing. I do agree that Z10 and Q10 are good cellphones, but we all cannot deny that the lack of popular apps are killing people's decision for buying a brand new BlackBerry cellphone.

However, BlackBerry are working hard to fix this issue up. So we can still recommend you some requisite apps for BB Z10 and Q10.


The must-have app for eBook lovers, although delayed for dozens of days, it finally comes to BB10 on March and hit the 100,000 record for apps amount in BlackBerry App World.

And to be honest, the quality of this app can't compare to the iOS or Android versions, if you have the same opinion, you can read your eBooks on BB10 in some alternative ways.

Download the app here: http://appworld.blackberry.com/webstore/content/25058915/?countrycode=US


The superstar app on all the mobile platforms, you can almost use this app to replace the built-in SMS feature or even the calling feature.

This app is free for the first year on BlackBerry 10.


An important option for listening to music on your BB10 cellphone. You can choose a scene and it will plays the right songs for you. Like waking up, feeling confident, working out, etc.

Angry Birds Star Wars

A rare high-rating app in BlackBerry App World with a 4.5 star review. This is a fresh series of Angry Birds and it is totally free for BB10.

While this app costs $0.99 in Apple AppStore. 


In fact, the built-in weather app of BB10 is offered by AccuWeather, but this independent app has got a much more powerful features and function.

It offers satellite maps, 10-day forecasts, barometric pressure and many other parameters. And the UI is pretty elegant. An awesome weather app.