Monday, May 27, 2013

Amazon Kindle will enter China soon?

The photo above is from Chinese most popular microblog, Weibo. Someone called "Mr_各种浪" post this photo into his Weibo and then it spreads all the chinese tech blogs on hours.

The photo is taken in a big chinese general merchandise called "Suning", which is similar to "Best Buy". And we can get these information from the photo:
  • This is an Amazon's shoppe, we can see from the photo;
  • From the Billboard on the counter, we can see they are advertising the Kindle Paperwhite, meanwhile the slogans are written in Chinese;
  • The counter is empty inside, and the employees in "Suning" said they have no idea about if this counter is going to sell Kindle devices in the future.
Recently Amazon stated they are going opening pre-order of Kindle Fire HD in over 170 countries, but China is not in the list. 

But in fact, many Chinese youth love Kindle. In "Taobao" (chinese eBay), tens of thousands (at least) of Kindles are sold per month, and the main sources are USA and Japan. 

FYI, Amazon has already opened eBook store, Cloud service, and app store in China. We believe the device is definitely on the schedule.

The latest rumors say that Amazon will enter China on June 7th, with Kindle e-ink devices and Kindle Fire HD tablets.

Jun. 2, 2013. has already released Kindle for PC/Mac clients, while even has only Kindle app for Android/iOS.