Monday, May 20, 2013

Barnes & Noble will add web browser and email app to Nook Simple Touch

Barnes & Noble has occupied less and less market share over the past years regardless of the rising eBook field. Unlike Amazon and Kobo, it confines itself to the US region, partly leading to the stagnation. Less competitive eco-system and devices just make things worse.

A big event about Barnes & Noble recently was that it eventually gave up its STRICTLY customized Android OS and added Google Play app store as well as other Google services & applications such as Google Chrome to its latest Nook HD tablets. As a result, owners of Nook HD don't have to root their Nook devices anymore and can easily access free Google Paly without losing original Nook content.

This act has brought about good effects expectedly. More people now talk about Nook HD tablets and prefer to this model when considering buying a tablet suitable for eBooks. Obviously, if we want to purchase eBooks from other stores such as Barnes & Noble on the Kindle Fire HD, we almost have to root it (although you don't have to do so), while we can easily access Kindle books on Nook tablets with Kindle for Android app installed.

Good things come in pairs. According to TechCrunch, Barnes & Noble will also add some revolutionary features to Nook Simple Touch and Nook Simple Touch with Glowlight, with web browser and email app supported. After all, people check emails and browse the Internet at intervals in addition to pure eBook reading.

Amazon has walked away from Barnes & Noble in the eBook & eReader race, but Barnes & Noble is trying to find other possibilities. Despite that Kindle Paperwhite has shown excellent performance in the market, the $79 Nook Simple Touch, which has a fashionable touch screen and supports widely-used EPUB format, appears to be a better option than the $69 Kindle (5-way-controller) for people looking for a basic eReader.