Saturday, May 11, 2013

Top 4 reasons for not buying iPhone5

It's no doubt that iPhone 5 is one of the most popular cellphone in the world. People get attracted by its appealing design and good performance. Objectively speaking it sure is an excellent cellphone in many aspects. But we can’t say it’s flawless as the iPhone 5 do have some obvious problems and defects which you can’t ignore. For some people perhaps iPhone 5 is not a perfect choice. Here we list 4 reasons for not buying iPhone 5. I’m sure you’ll get a more objective knowledge of iPhone 5.

Reason 1. Scratch and paint peeling
Different from the glass casing of iPhone 4 (and 4S), iPhone 5 adopts an aluminum unibody. This do makes it looks like very light and appealing. Perhaps this is the main factor which attracts people, especially girls. But in fact, an aluminum body is very easy to be damaged-it’s light but also soft! If you drop your iPhone 5 on the ground carelessly, it may get some ugly and unfixable scratches. And due to the metallic surface, paint peeling becomes more common. So besides scratches when dropping, you may get some mottle at the same time! If you use a black iPhone 5, the situation will be more terrible!

Reason 2. Unstable WIFI connection
The iPhone 5 runs iOS 6. In the past the iOS gave us an impression of simple but effective. But unfortunately it has proven that the newest iOS 6 has many large or small problems. Perhaps you can tolerate some tiny bugs, but a bad WIFI connection is flagrant as cellphone is an important communication tool after all. In most of the time the WIFI connection of iPhone 5 is unstable. You may find the internet surfing becomes very slow or even stops-that’s because the iPhone 5 lost WIFI connection! This problem is firstly found at iOS 6.0 but it hasn’t got perfectly solved at the latest iOS 6.14. If you upgrade your iPad or iPhone 4(or 4S) to iOS 6, the same problem exists too.

Reason 3. Small and strange screen size
Apple once claimed that the 3.5 inch screen is just right for one hand operation. In some degree this conclusion is right as your thumb can’t reach too far on the screen. But iPhone 5 doesn’t follow the “best one hand operation” principle. It adopts a 4 inch screen- an embarrassing size. It’s big for one hand operation and small for entertainment experience like watching video or playing game. It’s a trend that cellphone has big screen as big screen can provide wide viewable. In addition for people who have big fingers, typing on a 4 inch screen seems more difficult.

The iPhone 5’s screen size doesn’t increase on width but height. It has a resolution of 1136*640. This strange resolution causes some incompatibility as most of the apps of iOS are designed for a resolution of 960*640 at present. So you will find that there are letterboxes when playing games.

Reason 4. Low-capacity and non-replaceable battery
Battery is very important for mobile equipment like cellphone. iPhone 5 adopts a 1440 mAH non-replaceable battery. Even though Apple claims that the iPhone 5 has a lower power chipset and more advanced energy saving technology, it just lasts for one day in common daily use. If it is the trend that more cellphone will use an non-replaceable battery (actually more people prefer a replaceable battery design) that we can’t blame iPhone 5 only, then the 1440mAH capacity is unacceptable. Compare the common battery capacity of 1800-2300 mAH of Android cellphone, iPhone 5’s battery capacity is too low.