Monday, May 6, 2013

Nook HD or Kindle Fire HD: Nook tablets come with distinct advantages

Due to a preference for Amazon or Barnes & Noble, readers typically prefer to Kindle Fire HD (8.9") or Nook HD (+) when they consider buying a tablet. But when people have either tablet at hand, they would realize a serious problem. The customized Android OS keeps people away from Google Play apps and makes it tough to use YouTube or Yahoo on the tablets. In the end, many people are forced to root their devices. Fortunately, Barnes & Noble recently announced to add Google Play to its Nook tablets, which means people will be able to read both Nook eBooks and eBooks from other stores with corresponding reading apps installed, such as Kindle / Kobo for Android app and third party apps with Adobe DRM supported. Besides, users can easily get free entertainment apps from Google Play.

As Mother's Day is coming, Barnes & Noble has launched a one-week (from May 6 to May 12) promotion. The 7-inch Nook HD 8G now sells at $149 and the 16G sells at $179 with a discount of $50. The 9-inch Nook HD + price at 179 (16G) and 209 (32G) with a discount of $90.

Use Google Play on Nook HD

The Nook HD devices will get updated automatically if there is WIFI connected. People can also go to Barnes & Noble to download the updates manually.

After the updates, people will be able to download apps, music and movies from Google Play and the original app / film / music libraries won't be affected. Google Gmail will be added as well, alongside with Nook's built-in email app. On the other hand, Google Chrome will replace the original browser on Nook.

Nook HD or Kindle Fire HD?
More people voted for Kindle Fire HD in the past, largely because there are cheaper eBooks and more complete ecosystem on Amazon. Actually, Kindle Fire HD tablets come with less competitive tech specs than its opponent (Nook HD vs. Kindle Fire HD). Now that Nook tablets have added Google Play, people can not only purchase and read Kindle books on Nook, but also benefit from other apps & services provided by Google.