Sunday, July 21, 2013

How to make Android phone as WIFI hotspot

WIFI give us an easy access to Internet. You can find WIFI hotspots in most places like Mcdonald’s, Starbucks and mall. But the WIFI doesn’t spread everywhere. You have to face the problem that you need to surf the Internet buy your laptop can’t search any WIFI hotspot nearby. In this condition, an Android phone with 3G or 4G SIM card will help you. We can set the Android phone as a portable hotspot. The following is the tutorial.

Get into the “Settings” menu on your Android phone. Choose “More” option at the first “WIRELESS & NETWORKS” sub menu.

Choose “Tethering & portable” hotspot to enter the hotspot. Tap “Portable WLAN hotspot” to activate it.

At this time a window will pop up. Choose “OK” to confirm.

Now you’ve activate the hotspot mode. Choose “Portable WLAN hotspot settings” to set some configuration.

All the settings are done. Now just take out your device and search the nearby hot spot and you will find your Android phone hotspot.

You can see the connected devices on your phone.

There are two things you need to concern when you set your phone as hotspot:
1. The SIM card traffic may not be enough. Try not to do things which consume much traffic like watching video online. Remember, the traffic of a SIM card is paid, not unlimited!
2. The phone battery will consume faster. You’d better carry one more battery or a mobile power.