Sunday, July 14, 2013

Kindle App Store Finally Meets NYTimes

If you can get an app in Google Play, it's not for sure you can also get it in Amazon Kindle App Store. New York Times app is was one of them.

But now, this app finally comes to Amazon Kindle App Store and available for all Kindle Fire users, who are also the group of people like reading most in the world.

In addition, the NYTimes app has specially customized for Kindle Fire to have a better performance on the hot Android tablet. To celebrate this event, NYTimes makes all of their contents free for users until Jul.31. After that users and read 3 articles for free per day and subscribe for more readings.

Key Features about NYTimes for Kindle Fire:
  • Create a customized library of Times content. Save an article on your Kindle Fire then access it later from any computer or any device.
  • Quickly search favorite articles to read, save and share.
  • Read more comfortably in low-light situations with "Night Mode."
  • Sit back and have your articles read aloud with text to speech.
  • Join the conversation. View, add as well as speak your comments to articles and blogs.
  • Quickly navigate, share and enjoy The Times's world-renowned journalism and multimedia.
So you have got a Kindle Fire or Kindle Fire HD, what the hell are you waiting for?