Wednesday, July 10, 2013

How to make your Kindle Fire HD faster

When we first got the Kindle Fire HD in hand, it ran fast and swiftly. But with more apps installed, it becomes laggy and laggy. Even when there is only the built-in reading app running, it may not respond in time at times. In this case, you can follow steps below to force stop the useless apps running in the background insidiously.

1. Slide down from the top of Kindle Fire HD and select "More...". For Kindle Fire users, tap the top right-hand corner of the display and select "More...".

2. Select "Applications", then "Installed Applications".

3. Go to "Filter by" and set it as "Running Applications". All running apps will display.

Select and tap an app that you don't want to run, tap "Force stop", then tap "OK" to stop running the app in the background. Likewise, manually stop all the apps that you don't want to run. Note that apps with "Kindle" icon are not allowed to be stopped manually.

Once the apps running in the background get cleared, you will find the device running much faster.

However, these apps will keep running in the background again the next time you start them. A recommended solution is that remove all the unpractical apps from the device and only leave the ones that you mostly use. Make sure to fully quit an app every time you finish the use (Go to "Options" or "Settings" to select "Quit" when you want to end an app).

Nevertheless, if your Kindle Fire HD device gets crashed on a frequent base, you may have to do the factory reset. You will lose everything sideloaded after a hard reset, but all stuff purchased from Amazon store will stay under your account. What's more, your device will really get faster.