Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Root Kindle Fire with one click

Rooting a Kindle Fire is not a difficult job. But many people still think rooting is very dangerous. They think the tutorials are too long and hard to understand. Actually any hacking do has risk, so does rooting. If you don’t follow as the tutorial says, the Kindle Fire may brick. But things will get easy if you use a one click rooting tool – Kindle Fire Utility. With it you can just root your Kindle Fire I one click. No need to read any tutorials any more.
The latest KFU (Kindle Fire Utility) is version 0.9.9. It works only for the original Kindle Fire. Click here to download KFU.

 Main features:
1. Suitable for the latest version 6.3.x
2. Full one click root
3. Auto Detect ADB/Fastboot Online/Offline.
4. Auto download from Amazon.
5. Auto download and install TWRP Recovery.
6. Auto download and install FirFireFire Bootloader.
Before running the KFU, I suggest you install some USB drivers. Extract the zip file and click “install drivers” in the folder. Install drivers as the prompt says.

It must point out that this KFU doesn'work 100% perfectly (of course it's safe). At least my Kindle Fire fails to root with KFU. If you don't succeed, please refer to this post: How to root Kindle Fire. It's a bit complicated but really works.